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The Staff of Rivera-Bujosa Law, P.C. is dedicated to providing personalized legal services and solutions to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. We focus on ensuring that you are comfortable and informed throughout every step of the legal process. We provide a broad range of services, with a concentration in Real Estate & Business Purchases & Sales, Real Estate Closings, Real Estate Development, Business Formation & Development, Residential and Commercial Leases, Real Estate Litigation and Claims. Our other areas of practice include: Probate, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Fraud Actions, Landlord/Tenant Actions, including Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury Claims, Social Security Disability Claims, Collection of Debts, Defense Against Collection Actions, and other areas of the law that our clients may need assistance with, on a case by case basis.

Greater Boston Area Real Estate Attorney

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will make, and hiring an experienced attorney to assist you with the purchase is a critical decision that will affect the entire transaction. Rivera-Bujosa Law, P.C., is experienced in residential and commercial real estate conveyancing; we draft, analyze, and negotiate purchases & sales contracts; we perform title reviews and certifications from comprehensive Registry of Deeds’ searches to establish the sufficiency of the property’s title, prior to your purchase. We will provide you with exceptional and professional legal services for each step of the transaction, answering every question you may have to ensure that you are comfortable and fully informed throughout the process. Without limitation, we draft and record Declarations of Homestead to protect your ownership rights in your property, provide closing document review, and ensure that all closing documents are executed and duly recorded in the Registry of Deeds. Rivera-Bujosa Law, PC also provides: Notary Public services, Act as escrow agent for transactions, Provide litigation services in relation to real estate matters, including recovery of deposits, obtaining relief for faulty home inspections, etc. We have served clients throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with a focus in Charlestown, Somerville, Medford, Cambridge, and the Greater Boston area.

Real Estate Development

Our attorneys work with a team of professionals to advise and guide you through the permitting process and obtaining the necessary governmental, zoning, and neighborhood approvals to develop your business.

Real Estate Litigation and Claims

When you buy or sell a home, it may sometimes result in the need to pursue a claim against another party. Our attorneys have experience in real estate litigation stemming from problems in a real estate transaction, such as recovering a deposit, pursuing damages for a faulty home inspection, and other unforeseen issues that may have resulted in a financial harm to you and your family.

Social Security Disability Claims

Navigating the waters of the social security system can be a confusing process – especially if you are suffering from a disability. We will help you through every step in the process of your claim.

Collection Actions

We defend and pursue collection actions on behalf of our individual and business clients, including collection for unpaid debts to businesses, defense of individuals against fraudulent debts, and other types of actions involving debt collection/defense.

Business Litigation and Disputes

Investing in or running a business can sometimes result in the need for an attorney to assist you in dealing with partners, vendors, and/or other investors to protect your financial and equitable interests. Rivera-Bujosa Law, PC is experienced in contracts and litigation, and we can help you to take the appropriate steps to protect your investment and future earnings. Please contact our office for a consultation to determine what action will be best suited to meet your specific needs, whether it be a basic demand, 93A business-to-business lawsuit, breach of contract action, seeking an attachment of property to protect your interests prior to moving forward with full litigation, and/or a variety of other dispute resolution and litigation tools that can work to protect your interests.

Rivera-Bujosa Law, P.C. serves clients throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, for all of our areas of concentration.

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